Monday, June 2, 2008

Featured Etsy Artist of the week - CrazyBliss

Welcome to our featured artist of the week. This is week 2 of our Canadian Etsy artists. This week's featured etsy artist is CrazyBliss. Check out her shop here. CrazyBliss also has a blog that you can read here.

What is your craft?

I love dabbling in all media however my specialty is vibrant watercolour illustration that appeals to both children and adults. I try to capture the subtle humor and sensitivity found in everyday situations. When I need a break from painting, I like to knit and crochet, work with wood and metal, make polyester resin pendants, sew, work with plaster and ceramics and what ever else I can get my hands on!

How long have you been doing your particular craft?

I’ve been working in watercolour for almost twenty years and developed crazy bliss illustration in 2004. I began doing pieces of cats in various sizes, selling at local art-shows then quickly found the ACEO group on ebay and was instantly addicted! I continue to sell my original crazy bliss ACEOs on ebay under crazy_bliss and have since expanded my artistic vision of crazy bliss to include various products such as pendants, tiny treasure mini-frames, cards and more found at

Where do you find inspiration? Who inspires you to create?

I don’t sit still very easily so I’m constantly doing something crafty. I get inspiration overload sometimes so I keep many journals to keep the ideas organized. My inspiration for my illustration usually comes from something funny I heard or observed while out and about. I love the innocence and perspective of children and animals and am constantly inspired by their joy of discovery. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful backyard to wonder in and let my mind run free. I have a really supportive and creative family who offer up many thoughts and ideas to keep me busy too.

Where do you craft?

I have a nice 9’x20’ studio in the basement of our home with a production area at one end and an office workstation at the other. I work on a plastic-top 6’ table with all of my tools and supplies close at hand. My computer, marketing files, finished products and mailing center is arranged so I can complete orders quickly. It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally set up well and “contained” as my husband would say. We have a dining room again!

What is your most favorite item that you have ever created?

Ooh, that’s a hard question! It’s between two projects. The first, a free-motion embroidered art quilt of a field of wild flowers for my mom’s 50th birthday that I had spent 40+ hours on and the second, a 13” tall, functioning cat in the hat teapot that won first prize at a teapot show (the tea came out of his paw!). I absolutely love making one of a kind pieces and it’s so hard to choose a favorite.Thank you very much for the opportunity to share a bit about my crazy bliss world. You’re welcome to visit my website at .

Here are a couple fabulous items found in Crazybliss' etsy shop!

I would like to thank CrazyBliss for allowing her shop to be featured here on my blog!


UxCritter said...

AMAZING BLOG!!! You sure have a handle on presentation of a blog. I am so new to it and I haven't learned all the wonderful features available. YOURS IS AMAZING! I love it! So bright and cheery and informative. Your featured artist is a super idea and crazybliss is so deserving of it. Her posters for the sick kids hospitals are wonderful! Thanks Chicki!

jennifer reid coderre said...
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Tina said...

Thanks to the both of you! said...

I agree - this is a very nice blog. I want to check out the other blogs you recommend. I'm new to this also and haven't figured everything out yet. I don't know if it enters my blog at the top like your other comments, and if not, my blog is I'm still trying to find out how to link up with other "blogsters". I also have an etsy shop and my pictures on Picture Trail. I also have my music group on Myspace. Anyway, your blog gives me some new ideas to try. Thanks, Linda

crazy bliss said...

thanks so much for featuring me chicki! i agree with uxcritter, you have a wonderful blog that's very designed.

thanks again,