Friday, February 29, 2008

I am featured in a treasury on Etsy!

I was surfing around this morning and came across this treasury:

To my surprise, one of my polymer clay necklaces are featured. This treasury was created by a fellow member of the Etsy soapdish street team. Thanks very much CeruleaBathand Body for including me in this great treasury!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Newly listed in my store!

Here is my newest listing Safari pendant. I am proud of this piece. I created it for the PCAGOE challenge for March 2008. The theme is animals and I created this piece to reflect my daughter's love of the animals of Africa.
Stay tuned for voting information starting March 1st!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More wonderful shops and a process I can't seem to master.....

Last time I blogged about how I was in awe of those who could sculpt. This time, I want to talk further about this.

I do love sculpture...somehow I guess I just haven't mastered the skills and patience to sculpt with clay. It is very difficult to do. Some people just have a way with clay that sculpture seems to come easy to them.

Look at this little guy from Lucybluestudio. He is a great little octopus. I love the iridescence on him and how his tentacles curl around each other.

Another great shop I found was Designsbyginnybaker. She does amazing miniature sculpture. I particularly love the doggies but because Easter is just around the corner love this little bunny. She is just so adorable.

And why not have some sculpture on your wedding cake too? Huntersdesigns creates personalized wedding cake toppers. I love these. They are not the traditional bride and groom and would look fabulous on a cake.

These shops are three great examples of polymer clay sculpture. Who knows? Maybe someday I will brave scultping and even have a few creations of my own! Until then, I think I will stick to what I know best!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hope everyone had a very Happy Valentine's Day and a wonderful weekend! Time sure flies when you have kids....finding a moment alone is rare if not impossible.

I did have some time to peruse etsy today though and came across some beautiful shops today.

The first is the seller Mosaico who's etsy shop is here:
Great decorative pieces for the this sunflower switchplate and this seller is also Canadian. I love to see other Canadian shops!

The second shop I browsed was StormyDesigns who's shop is here:
I love the sculpting done in this shop and I particularly love this dragon:
I am not a sculptor and admire those who sculpt.

Lastly, but definately not least I browsed the shop of Clayspirits:
Very nice shop also, I particularly like the colors in this bead:

Please check out these great etsy shops!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The cold is ending!!!

I am so happy to report that it is warming up! No more minus 30 something weather (for now!) in site for a while I hope. I might even get close to zero by the weekend!

The cold weather always puts me in a slump...feeling stuck inside and just plain old blah! But now the sun is peeking out and I feel more springy if that is possible.

I am creating again and working on some new stuff. Venturing into some new techniques in polymer clay which has me really excited. Also working on my entry for the PCAGOE challenge for March....can't wait...its my first time participating!

I am also knitting when I can....working on some more felted purses. I have a craft show coming up next month so I need to fill my table!

My little ones keep me busy baby is so close to walking...she is only just over 9 months old. Can we say trouble with a capital T. My first was never this much!

Well, as I am writing this....she WAS got to go and get her she is awake!

Enjoy the week everyone....wherever you are!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am so excited!

I am so excited! I have decided to offer free shipping to Canada and the US on all items in my etsy shop!

I have also been busy today trying to create my entry into the pcagoe challenge for March! So far I am pleased....I will keep you updated on my progress and let you know when it is complete!

Have a good day!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, monday....

Well its another new week! Voting is over for the PCAGOE challenge....check the page to see if you were a winner in the voters contest. Thanks to all who voted and come back next month for a chance to vote again! I am hoping to have an entry myself this time around.

I have added new beads to my etsy shop. Please check them out here:

I am really happy with these beads and hate to see them go....but I need to make room for more!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Please check this out!

I would like to tell all of you about a neat thing on the PCAGOE (polymer clay artists guild of etsy) page. It is a challenge where members were supposed to create something with a LOVE theme. The items are posted on Please go there to vote for your favorite! There are lots of great items....none are mine this time but hopefully I will be able to participate in the future.

Oh and I forgot to and get entered in the draw to win great items in pink created by members of the pcagoe!