Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Sale in My Shop!

Hope all our American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday and that you are not too full of turkey today!

In honour of Black Friday...I am having a SALE in my Etsy shop! FREE SHIPPING on all items until December 1st!!!

This includes all packages including international ones!

Please stop by and check us out!

Happy shopping everyone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I would like to share another of my hobbies!!!

I do love to craft but haven't shared another of my hobbies with all of you.

Do you want to guess what it is?

You guessed it...soapmaking! These beauties are a few of my own from scratch soaps.

I have been soapmaking for...hmmm...lets least five years now! And I haven't bought one of those icky store bought soaps since then! Let me tell you, our skin is very thankful for that! There is nothing compared to handmade soap! If you haven't tried it...maybe you should!

Well that first picture was just a teaser so here are a few soapy goodies! The blue is a Bay Rum scent and the other is what I call Orange Glow, a very nice bright orange scent. I do make others too but these are just a few to show for now.

I do not sell these (yet! maybe I will list on etsy if I get enough interest) but just wanted to share some of my other hobbies with all of you readers out there!

Have a great day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

37 days until Christmas!

I was looking at my calendar today and realized that is is just over a month until Christmas! 37 Days to be exact!

Yikes, if you are like me, you haven't even really started shopping yet. But seeing the 37 makes me a little nervous! I think I will start shopping very soon...maybe I will start today even!

I want to try to shop online as much as possible and buy handmade too for my gift recipients. So I will be surfing Etsy, that is for sure!

If you haven't already visited, I have my own Etsy shop and I think it is filled with lots of great gift ideas!

Here are a couple examples I think would make any gift giver and recipient happy.

First is this desk calendar for 2009. It features my own photographs and is the perfect size to display on your desk. When it is all cold and snowy here, I will look at my calendar and dream of summer!

I also have these fantastic Christmas ornaments too! They are wire wrapped and each is unique! I think they look great hanging on a tree or even in a window as a suncatcher!

Etsy has lots to offer. I am sure you can find something for everyone on your list there! What have you found on etsy?

Happy shopping!