Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More wonderful shops and a process I can't seem to master.....

Last time I blogged about how I was in awe of those who could sculpt. This time, I want to talk further about this.

I do love sculpture...somehow I guess I just haven't mastered the skills and patience to sculpt with clay. It is very difficult to do. Some people just have a way with clay that sculpture seems to come easy to them.

Look at this little guy from Lucybluestudio. He is a great little octopus. I love the iridescence on him and how his tentacles curl around each other.

Another great shop I found was Designsbyginnybaker. She does amazing miniature sculpture. I particularly love the doggies but because Easter is just around the corner love this little bunny. She is just so adorable.

And why not have some sculpture on your wedding cake too? Huntersdesigns creates personalized wedding cake toppers. I love these. They are not the traditional bride and groom and would look fabulous on a cake.

These shops are three great examples of polymer clay sculpture. Who knows? Maybe someday I will brave scultping and even have a few creations of my own! Until then, I think I will stick to what I know best!
Have a great day!

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