Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The cold is ending!!!

I am so happy to report that it is warming up! No more minus 30 something weather (for now!) in site for a while I hope. I might even get close to zero by the weekend!

The cold weather always puts me in a slump...feeling stuck inside and just plain old blah! But now the sun is peeking out and I feel more springy if that is possible.

I am creating again and working on some new stuff. Venturing into some new techniques in polymer clay which has me really excited. Also working on my entry for the PCAGOE challenge for March....can't wait...its my first time participating!

I am also knitting when I can....working on some more felted purses. I have a craft show coming up next month so I need to fill my table!

My little ones keep me busy too...my baby is so close to walking...she is only just over 9 months old. Can we say trouble with a capital T. My first was never this much trouble....lol!

Well, as I am writing this....she WAS napping....now got to go and get her she is awake!

Enjoy the week everyone....wherever you are!

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