Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PCAGOE for charity!

I am so pleased to be a part of a collaboration with members of the PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy). We are all collaborating on a fantastic project.

Each volunteered member was asked to create a letter from the alphabet. My letter was the letter "U". Here is my interpretation of this letter.

I wanted a masculine letter because since the majority of the PCAGOE are female, I thought they would make feminine letters. Honestly, my mind went to frilly and pretty and sparkly at first too. I like the bold orange background and I think the offset brown stripes bordered with orange stand out.

The letters will be assembled and then donated to a children's hospital. I am not sure where yet as that still needs to be decided. It will be an American hospital though as the majority of members are from the United States. But this project is a collaboration between artists worldwide. Other members are from the UK and Australia as well as Canada and the United States.

I will keep you all posted as to the progress and I will post a picture of the finished work as soon as it is completed.

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jennifer reid coderre said...

great project, chicki, and your letter "U" is really nice. i think it will stand out with its simplicity and bright orange background. the boys will be drawn to it. :)