Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our first featured Etsy Artist DZDesigns!

Welcome to our new weekly featured artist. I am going to start out featuring Canadian Etsy artists.

Our first featured etsy artist is DZDesigns. She has a great shop featuring beautiful handmade greeting cards. Check out her shop here. DZDesigns also has a blog that you can read here.

What is your craft?
The craft I'm most passionate about is Card Making. I've had a dabble in many many crafts, however the one i'm most passionate about is most definately Card Making!

How long have you been doing your particular craft?
I've been Card Making for about 10 years now, originally it started on the computer but have since evolved to hand crafting all of my cards.

Where do you find inspiration? Who inspires you to create?
Every occasion for Card giving inspires me. A set of stamps, a thought, a saying, even a piece of scrap cardstock inspires me.

Where do you craft?
I have a craft studio on the second level of our home. My husband has worked hard at designing and creating sufficient storage space to house all of my crafting goodies! I think we've got it!
What is your most favorite item that you have ever created?
Now that's a tuff one...each card that I've made is a favorite! I am proud of the work I do and the cards I'm able to come up with! Only the ones that meet my standards are posted in my card boutique!

Here are a couple of examples of the quality cards that DZDesigns has available in her etsy shop.

Thank you to DZDesigns.etsy.com for allowing me to feature them here on my blog!

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Sweet Figments said...

Hello fellow Canadian :) Great feature!